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Hajba Antal

B. 1938-01-16, Mikosszéplak, Hungary
Canoeing - Canadian Sprint
1964 HP
Men's Canadian Doubles 1000 metres fourth 2000

Hajdú János

B. 1904-09-10, Budapest, Hungary; D. 1981-07-12
1928 HP
Men's Épée, Individual QF:10th 0.021
Men's Épée, Team R1:3rd 1.948

Stefan Hajduk

B. 1933-11-02, Eustachów, Poland; D. 1993-04-28
Wrestling - Greco-Roman
1960 HP
Men's Flyweight (-52 kg) 10th 150

Andreas Hajek

B 1968-04-16, Halle, Germany
Rowing (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1992 1996 2000 HP
Quadruple Sculls gold gold bronze 17280

Three of the four members (Andreas Hajek, Stephan Volkert and Andre Willms) of the winning crew in Barcelona returned to Atlanta to win again, but their third different partner let them down in Sydney.

Arnošt Hájek

B. 1941-04-19, Přvlaky, Czechia, represented Czechoslovakia
1972 HP
Men's 20 km 39th -3.20
Men's 4x7.5 km Relay 12th 10

František Hájek

B. 1915-10-31, Praha, Czechia, represented Czechoslovakia; D. 2001-01-07
1936 HP
Men's Team Rep2 33.8

Hubert Hajm

B. 1914-08-07, Jesenice, Slovenia, then part of Austria, represented Yugoslavia; D. 1971
Alpine Skiing
1936 HP
Men's Alpine Combined dnf 0.00000000096

Hajós Alfréd

B. 1878-02-01, Budapest, Hungary; D. 1955-11-12
Aquatics - Swimming & Artistic Competitions (2 gold, 1 silver)
1896 1924 1928 1932 HP
Men's 100 m Freestyle gold 6400
Men's 1200 m Freestyle gold 6400
Architecture silver AC AC 5075.845

He was actually called Guttmann but he officially changed his name. Hajós means "sailor" in Hungarian.
He had wanted to win all three distances, but the start of the 500 m was much too soon after the finish of the 100.
He was the youngest winner in Athens. He would also represent Hungary twice in Football. As an architect, he built the Margarethen Pool in Budapest.
In Amsterdam, he entered 14 plans for a Sportsacademy and Swimming Stadion, so I count these as only one participation.

Olympic Competitor nr 218

Hajós Henrik

Olympic Competitor nr 3057

Jens Hajslund

Olympic Competitor nr 5096

Vlastimil Hajšman

B. 1928-02-26, Ledenice, Czechia, represented Czechoslovakia; D. 1978-03-03
Ice Hockey
1952 HP
Men's Team fourth 800

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