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Alina Kabaeva

Rhytmic Gymnastics (1 gold, 1 bronze)
2000 2004 HP
Individual bronze gold 13440

Ilias Kafetzis

Olympic Competitor nr 200

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku

B. 1890-08-24, Honolulu, Haw, USA; D. 1968-01-22, Honolulu
Swimming & Waterpolo (3 gold, 2 silver)
1912 1920 1924 HP
100 m Free-style gold gold silver 25200
4x200 m Free-style Relay silver gold 3250
Waterpolo fourth 800

There are at least two versions of how Kahanamoku got his christian name of Duke. One is that he acquiered the name because he was born in Princess Ruth's palace in Honolulu during a visit by HRH Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, the second son of Queen Victoria. Another is that he was named after the Duke of Wellington.
At Stockholm, the Americans were told there would be no semi finals, so they did not turn up. When the semi finals were then swam after all, the Americans were furious. They were allowed to swim a separate heat and would qualify for the final if they swam faster times. Kahanamoku was so enraged that he swam a World record in that heat and he went on to win gold.
At Antwerpen too there was commotion. The Australians had protested that William Herald had been boxed in by an American (this was before lane ropes were used), so the final had to be swum again. Kahanamoku's time of 1 min 00.4 sec in the first final was his third and last world record in the event, but he swam the rerun to claim his second title.
Finally at Paris, he was prevented from winning a third title by Johnny Weismuller. Like his conqueror, Kahanamoku began a film career.
He made a fifth olympic appearance in 1932, as a member of the USA Waterpolo team, but he did not enter the water.
As an expert of surfing, he introduced that sport to many parts of the world.

Stien Baas-Kaiser

B. 1938-05-20, Delft, Netherlands
Speed Skating (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)
1968 1972 HP
3000 m bronze gold 8960
1500 m bronze silver 6560
1000 m 10th 250
500 m 14th 40


Olympic Competitor nr 1335

Kakas Gyula

Olympic Competitor nr 176

Akakios Kakiasvilis

competed in 1992 as

Kakhi Kakhiachvili

while in 1996 his name was transliterated as

Akakide Kakiachvilis

B. 1969-07-13, Tiflida, Georgia
represented Georgia in 1992, Greece in 1996.and 2000
Weight-Lifting (3 gold)
1992 1996 2000 HP
-90 kg gold 57600
-99 kg gold
-94 kg gold

After winning his second gold medal, he said : 'The first of my golds I won for Georgia, where I was born and lived for 23 years, But I also wanted to win one for Greece, the country I love and where I and my parents now live.'
He won his third gold medal in Sydney and will no doubt try for four in Athina.
The Hellene Olympic Federation has an excellent site on its performance at Atlanta, which includes a picture of Kakhiachvilis.
(576 HP)

Elena Kaliska

B. 1972-01-19, Zvolen, Slovakia
Canoeing - Wild Water (2 gold)
1996 2000 2004 2008 HP
K1 19th fourth gold gold 32403.6

Charlotte Kalla

B. 1987-07-22, Sweden
Cross-Country Skiing (1 gold, 1 silver)
2010 HP
10 km Freestyle gold 6400
7.5 km + 7.5 km Pursuit 8th 256
30 km Classical, mass start sixth 640
Team Sprint silver 3000

Kammerer Zoltán

B. 1978-03-10, Vac, Hungary
Canoeing (3 gold)
2000 2004 2008 HP
K2 500 m gold fifth fourth 8437.5
K2 1000 m fifth 750
K4 1000 m gold gold 6400

Kamuti Jeno

Fencing (2 silver)
1960 1964 1968 1972 1976 HP
Foil, Individual QF fifth silver silver R1 12394.94
Foil, Team fourth 7th fifth fourth 7th 1335.4

Kanizsa Tivadar

Waterpolo (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1956 1960 1964 HP
Waterpolo gold bronze gold 11520

Hamit Kaplan

Wrestling (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1956 1960 1964 HP
Free-style, +87 kg gold silver bronze 24300
Greco-Roman, +87 kg fourth rd1 2496

One of a few wrestlers who was succesful in both styles. He was World Champion in Greco-Roman in 1955 and in Freestyle in 1958.
(see Kalle Anttila, Wilfried Dietrich, Ivar Johansson, Kristjan Palusalu, Rudolf Svensson, Carl Westergren)

Osvald Käpp

B. 1908-02-17, Tallinn, Estonia; D. 1995-12-22
Wrestling, Freestyle & Greco-Roman (1 gold)
Freestyle 1924 1928 1932 HP
Lightweight (-66 kg) R1 gold R1 10288.5
Featherweight (-62 kg) R4 2407.5
-67.5 kg R4
-72 kg fourth

G. Karagiannopoulos

Olympic Competitor nr 73

Tilemakhos Karakalos

Olympic Competitor nr 113


Olympic Competitor nr 212

Konstantinos Karakatsanis

Olympic Competitor nr 55

Pantelis Karasevdas

Olympic Competitor nr 58

Alexander Karelin

B. 1968, Novosibirsk, Russia
Wrestling, Greco-Roman (3 gold, 1 silver)
1988 1992 1996 2000 HP
-130 kg gold gold gold silver 69600

Dubbed 'the World's Meanest Man', but a student of literature, poetry, opera and ballet.
When he perfected the reverse body lift, common among lighter wrestlers, but never before seen in the heaviest category, he became unbeatable.
In 1999, he also won his twelfth World Championship (1988-1999)
When he was finally beaten in the final in Sydney, some commentators criticized his opponent's tactics, but he himself was gratious in defeat.

Jouko Karjalainen

Nordic Combined (2 silver)
1980 1984 HP
Individual silver silver 12000

Kárpáti György

B. 1945-06-23, Hungary
Waterpolo (3 gold, 1 bronze)
1952 1956 1960 1964 HP
Waterpolo gold gold bronze gold 21760

Member of the Hungarian Waterpolo team from 1952 (aged just 17) to '64.

Kárpáti Károly

B. 1906-07-02, Eger, Hungary; D. 1996-09-23
Wrestling, Greco-Roman (1 gold, 1 silver)
1928 1932 1936 HP
Greco-Roman, -62 kg fourth 1950
Free-style, -66 kg silver gold 15600

Kárpáti Rudolf

B. 1920-07-17, Budapest, Hungary
Fencing (6 gold)
1948 1952 1956 1960 HP
Sabre, individual - - gold gold 16000
Sabre, team gold gold gold gold 12800

Sabre champion of Hungary in 1948 and 1955, he won two individual world titles, in 1954 and 1959, and was also a member of the World Champion sabre team of 1953,'54,'55,'57 and '58.

Pertti Karppinen

Rowing (3 gold)
1976 1980 1984 HP
Single Sculls gold gold gold 57600

Winner of the skiff at Montreal, Moskva, Los Angeles.

Filippos Karvelas

Olympic Competitor nr 156

Kásás Tamás

Waterpolo (3 gold)
1996 2000 2004 2008 HP
Waterpolo fourth gold gold gold 20800

Winner of the Waterpolo at Sydney, Athina and Beijing

Aleksey Kasatonov

Soviet Union
Ice Hockey (2 gold, 1 silver)
1980 1984 1988 HP
Team silver gold gold 12600

Dimitrios Kasdaglis

He was listed as Egyptian, because he travelled from Alexandria to the Games in 1896. However, he was born in England and returned there afterwards. His brother Xenophon was born in Alexandria but competed in Athina in 1906 as a Briton.

Olympic Competitor nr 110

Daniel Kass

Snowboarding (2 silver)
2002 2006 HP
Half-Pipe silver silver 12000

Sawao Kato

B. 1946-10-11, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Gymnastics (8 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze)
1968 1972 1976 HP
Individual Combined gold gold silver 25200
Team Combined gold gold gold 9600
Parallel Bars gold gold 3200
Floor Exercises gold sixth fifth 2512.5
Pommeled Horse silver fifth 1250
Horizontal Bar silver 1000
Rings bronze fourth sixth 1320
Vaults fifth 250

In Mexico City, although trailing behind Mikhail Voronin and Akinori Nakayama after the compulsory exercises, this diminutive gymnast, 1.62m tall and 54kg, produced an inspiring 9.9 mark on the floor exercises to give him the overall title. Kato was an all-rounder, not a specialist; in fact he won only six medals (on the floor gold in 1968, on the bar gold in 1976 and silver in 1972, on the parallel bars gold in 1972, silver on the horse in 1972 and bronze on the rings in 1968) in individual items, although in '68, this was due to an injury, sustained during the floor exercise. He was an easier combined winner in München, where he headed a clean sweep of Japanese medallists. In Montreal he came second in the individual combined, but he helped Japan to their fifth team title in a row.
His older brother Takashi (B. 1942) was also part of the Japanese team in Mexico, earning gold and bronze.

Katona Gyula

Olympic Competitor nr 1178

N. Katravas

Olympic Competitor nr 233

Edgar Katzenstein

Olympic Competitor nr 1452

Walter Katzenstein

Olympic Competitor nr 1447

Kauser Jakab

Olympic Competitor nr 884

Tatiana Kazankina

B. 1951-12-17, from Leningrad (now St.Petersburg), Russia
Track and Field (3 gold)
1976 1980 HP
800 m gold 6400
1500 m gold gold 12800

Between her two golds on 1500 m, she gave birth to a daughter. She was the first woman to run faster than Paavo Nurmi's time of 1924.

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