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Maksim Kahan

B. 1918-01-25 in South Africa, represented Israel; D. 2006-05-18
1964 HP
Men's Single Trap 47th -5.60

Duke Paoa Kahanamoku

B. 1890-08-24, Honolulu, Haw, USA; D. 1968-01-22, Honolulu
Swimming & Water Polo (3 gold, 2 silver)
1912 1920 1924 bonus HP
100 m Free-style gold gold silver 8400 25200
4x200 m Free-style Relay silver gold 650 3250
7400 8000 4000 9050 28450
Men's Waterpolo fourth 800

There are at least two versions of how Kahanamoku got his christian name of Duke. One is that he acquiered the name because he was born in Princess Ruth's palace in Honolulu during a visit by HRH Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, the second son of Queen Victoria. Another is that he was named after the Duke of Wellington.
At Stockholm, the Americans were told there would be no semi finals, so they did not turn up. When the semi finals were then swam after all, the Americans were furious. They were allowed to swim a separate heat and would qualify for the final if they swam faster times. Kahanamoku was so enraged that he swam a World record in that heat and he went on to win gold.
At Antwerpen too there was commotion. The Australians had protested that William Herald had been boxed in by an American (this was before lane ropes were used), so the final had to be swum again. Kahanamoku's time of 1 min 00.4 sec in the first final was his third and last world record in the event, but he swam the rerun to claim his second title.
Finally at Paris, he was prevented from winning a third title by Johnny Weismuller. Like his conqueror, Kahanamoku began a film career.
He made a fifth olympic appearance in 1932, as a member of the USA Waterpolo team, but he did not enter the water.
As an expert of surfing, he introduced that sport to many parts of the world.

Olympic Competitor nr 5625

Sam Kahanamoku

B. 1902-11-04, Honolulu, Haw., USA; D. 1966-04-26
Swimming (1 bronze)
1924 HP
Men's 100 m Free-style bronze 2560

Fred Kahele

represented the United States
Aquatics - Swimming
1920 HP
400 m Free-style fourth 1600
1500 m Free-style fourth 1600

Aulis Kalevi Kähkönen

B. 1930-12-10, Vyborg, now in Russia, represented Finland; D. 2016-06-20
Aquatics - Swimming
1952 HP
Men's 200 metres Breaststroke R1:18th 3.84

Heikki Kähkönen

B. 1891-12-26, Rääkkylä, Finland; D. 1962-06-30
Greco-Roman Wrestling (1 silver)R2
1920 HP
Men's Featherweight (-60 kg) silver 6000

Helmut Kahl

B. 1901-02-17, Berlin, Germany; D. 1974-01-23
Modern Pentathlon (1 bronze)
1928 HP
Men's Individual bronze 3840

Josef Kahl

B. 1913-03-31, Harachsdorf, then part of Austria, now Harrachov, Czechia, represented Czechoslovakia
Ski Jumping
1936 HP
Men's Ski Jumping 29th 0.024

Sabine Kahle

B. 1959-06-25, Meiningen, Thür., Germany, represented East Germany
Aquatics - Swimming
1976 HP
Women's 400 m Freestyle 8th 256
Women's 400 m Individual Medley fifth 1500

Markus Jaakko Kahma

B. 1932-10-16, Alavieska, Finland
Athletics - Track & Field
1960 HP
Men's Decathlon 7th 600

Pentti Aatos Kahma

B. 1943-12-03, Alavieska, Finland
Athletics - Track & Field
1972 1976 HP
Men's Discus Throw 9th sixth 1200

Albert Kahn

B. 1869-03-21, Rhaunen, Germany, moved to Detroit in 1880, represented the USA; D. 1942-12-08
Art Competitions
1928 HP
Architecture - unknown event 3 works 220.11

Two of his three entries are for golf clubs in the Detroit area, and the titles are in different languages, so they might represent the same building - but the third is for a swimming pool, so this athlete has at least two entries. I prefer not to change the original number and leave him with three separate participations.

Eddy Kahn

B. 1906-12-11, Den Haag, the Netherlands; D. 1944-08-19
Equestrianism - Eventing
1936 HP
Three−Day Event, Individual 13th 32
Three−Day Event, Team dnf 4

Juan Herman Kahnert

B. 1928-03-04, from Buenos Aires, represented Argentina
1948 HP
Men's Shot Put QU:nm 1.5

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