Great Olympians

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František Týř

represented Czechoslovakia
1920 HP
Men's Doubles R2 39.56

Harald Tyrdal

B. 1946-11-25, Oslo, Norway
1972 HP
Men's Team 9th 80

Norman Frederick Tyrrell

B. 1897, London, England, Great Britain; D. 1948
Art Competitions
1948 HP
Sculpture - unknown event ac 2.274

His exact date of death is not shown, so he might even have died before the Olympics, but it is probable that he did enter the event himself, so I accept him as an Olympian.

Antti Eerkki Tyrväinen

B. 1933-11-15, Ylöjärvi, Finland; D. 2013-10-13
Biathlon (1 silver)
1960 1964 HP
Men's 20 km silver 13th 6038.4

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