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Anders Johan Hveem

B. 1924-05-10, Oslo, Norway; D. 2005-02-02
1952 HP
Men's Four 13th 19.2

Ragnhild Tove Hveger

competed in 1952 as

Ragnhild Hveger-Andersen

B. 1920-12-10, Nyborg, Denmark; D. 2011-12-01
Aquatics - Swimming (1 silver)
1936 1948 1952 HP
Women's 100 metres Freestyle SF:16th SF:9th 166.4
Women's 400 metres Freestyle silver fifth 5500
Women's 4x100 metres Freestyle Relay 7th fourth 500

She was not yet 16 in Berlin, but still won a silver. Between 1936 and 1943, she set 44 world records (all of them still standing when she retired in 1954), but close family connections to the Nazi party meant she went in exile to Sweden. When she returned in 1948, Danish officials questioned her amateur status so she missed the 1948 Olympics. By 1952 her career was almost over, so her Olympic tally is not what one would expect from a swimmer that was voted one of the top ten swimmers of the 20th century.

(Trond) Roger Hverven

B. 1944-03-15, Oslo, Norway
1972 HP
Men's Team 9th 80

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