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Bikár Péter

B. 1945-11-05, Budapest, Hungary
Ice Hockey
1964 HP
Men's Team 16th 3.2

Abebe Bikila

B. 1932-08-07, Mout, Ethiopia; D. 1973-10-25
Track and Field (2 gold)
1960 1964 1968 HP
Marathon gold gold dnf 19200

In Roma, he astonished the world by winning the Marathon on bare feet, becoming the first black african gold medallist. In Tokyo, no longer bare-footed, he became the first man to win a second Olympic Marathon. This performance came only 35 days after having his appendix removed. (the feat would be copied by Waldemar Cierpinsky)
He competed also at Mexico, but dropped out of the race after 17 km.
In Roma, he made his final push near the oblisk of Axum, an artifact the Italians had plundered from Ethiopia.
In Tokyo, they played the Japanese national anthem is his honour, because the band did not know the Ethiopian one.
A member of Emperor Haile Selassie's bodyguard, he became partially paralised in a motoring accident in 1969 and subsequently took part as an archer in the Paraplegic Games.
He was born on the exact day of the Los Angeles Olympic Marathon.

Yordan Zhivkov Bikov

B. 1952-11-17, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
Weightlifting (1 gold)
1972 HP
Men's Middleweight (-75 kg) gold 9600

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