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Waldemar Cierpinsky

B. 1950-08-03, Germany
Track and Field (2 gold)
1976 1980 HP
Marathon gold gold 19200

Became the second man in history (after Abebe Bikila) to double on the Olympic Marathon.
When he crossed the finish line in Montreal, a lap indicator showed "1".  Just to make sure, he ran the extra lap. When he finished it, he was greeted by defending champion, and now silver medallist Frank Shorter.
He would come first on a third Olympic Marathon course as well, in testing the Sydney 2000 course.

Marioara Ciobanu

always competed under her married name of

Marioara Popescu

B. 1962-11-09, Romania
Rowing (2 gold)
1984 1988 1996 HP
Skiff fifth 2250
Double Sculls gold 12000
Eights gold 4800

When Marioara Ciobanu-Popescu (1),Veronica Cogeanu-Cochela (4), Elisabeta Oleniuc-Lipa (5), Ioana Olteanu (1), Elena Georgescu (1), Doina Ignat (1) and 3 new rowers stepped into the Eight at Atlanta, they had already won 13 medals between them. They outpaced the Canadians by over 4 seconds to win another gold and lift them high up the Great Olympian tables.

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