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Although I'm very fanatic about it, and very serious, as a Bridge player, I do not amount to all that much.

To illustrate this I have for some time now collected my worst hands in a special column for the magazine (Squeeze Info) that my club (The Royal Squeeze Bridge Club in Antwerp, Belgium) edits periodically. In it, I ask the normal question, 'How did (fill in the name) play to win this contract'. Only in my case win is usually changed to fail.

See if you can solve the first installment of 'Herman's Contest'.

And here's another one. And a third one.

I hope to frequently update this section. My partner prays I don't.

As an illustration, you might want to check my result in the first World Championship for Transnational Mixed Teams in Rhodos in october 1996. We finished 84th, and the progress of our team made it to the Daily News by virtue of a series of articles by Athanassios Nonymous, which you can read here.

And then for once I did find the correct line of play, see what happens.

On the other hand, I am a rather good director.

Do you want to check my other intrests ? See my Home Page.

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