Herman as Tournament Director

I first took a TD's course in 1987 and came out with flying colours. My score of 33 and a half out of 34 on the 'organisation' part has never been seen before or since.

In 1993 I was sent to Amsterdam for the EBL course in Tournament Direction, where I obtained an 'A' degree. Since then I have been active in several European and European Union championships and the World Junior Pairs Championships and World Junior Camp in august 1995 in Gent. (where I managed to break my foot, but that's another story).
In 2004 I went to another EBL course, and was awarded the title of NBO TD (the second highest degree).

I have been visiting European Championships and Olympiads since 1988, at first masquerading as a journalist (I've been a member of IBPA since 1991, although I do not write for any journal). In 1997 in Montecatini Steen Møller asked me to act as scribe for some appeals. Since then I have done that same job in Lille, Warszawa, Malta, Bellaria, Maastricht, Tenerife, Oostende, Salsomaggiore, Menton, Malmö and Tenerife and you can read all the appeals I have helped writing up on the excellent International Appeals site of the Swiss Bridge Federation.

I was one of the initial six in setting up the now well known Bridge-Laws Mailing List.
To subscribe to this mailing list visit  http://www.amsterdamned.org/mailman/listinfo/blml.

On this list, I have become the subject of much controversy when they named the De Wael school of thought after me.

Not being content with merely directing, I am somewhat of a specialist when it comes to:

I don't think you will want to find out how well I play myself. Do you ?

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