National Flags - small GIFs

I have made a set of GIFs of national Flags, all of the same format, to be used on Web pages.

These flags are as correct as possible within the small format (36 x 54 pixels), with two main exceptions :

You are free to use these flags on your site, but please put a reference on your page : and mail me ( to tell me. That way, I can also inform you of changes.

If you need additional flags, that can be arranged.

Here are the National flags : A-C / D-K / L-R / S-Z

Also here are US States Flags.

And selected other subnational flags, and some sporting and former nations.

This is a zipped file of all flags

Recently changed flags:

Changes from 2011:

Changes from 2010:

Changes from 2008:

Changes from 2007:

Changes from 2006:

Changes from 2005:

Changes from 2004:

Changes from 2003:

Changes from 2002:

Changes from 2001 :

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