Cricket - Men

Paris 1900

  1. Devon and Somerset Wanderers CC
    (3200) Charles Beachcroft (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Arthur Birkett (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Alfred Bowerman (GBR/1900)
    (3200) George Buckley (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Francis Burchell (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Frederick Christian (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Harry Corner (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Frederick Cuming (GBR/1900)
    (3200) William Donne (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Alfred Powlesland (GBR/1900)
    (3200) John Symes (GBR/1900)
    (3200) Montagu Toller (GBR/1900)
    did not play:
    Francis Conry
    Clement Elwell
    Eugene Dolman
    Harold Watts
    Lucius Vicary
    Robert Roles
    A. S. McKie
    E. P. Daniel
    J. M. Willcox
    G. P. Brook
  2. France
    (2000) William Anderson (GBR/1900)
    (2000) Willie Attrill (FRA/1900)
    (2000) John Braid (GBR/1900)
    (2000) W. Browning (GBR/1900)
    (2000) Robert Horne (FRA/1900)
    (2000) Timothée Jordan (FRA/1900)
    (2000) Arthur MacEvoy (GBR/1900)
    (2000) Douglas Robinson (GBR/1900)
    (2000) H.F. Rogues (FRA/1900)
    (2000) Alfred Schneidau (GBR/1900)
    (2000) Henry Terry (GBR/1900)
    (2000) Philip Tomalin (FRA/1900)

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