Mallon's database on the 1924 Olympic Games

The data on these pages are completely according to the database compiled by Bill Mallon and others.

For obvious reasons the group is called MAD (Bill Mallon, Magne Teigen, Arild Gjerde, David Foster and even Herman De Wael)

The prime printed source for these games is the Official Report (OR).

Here are the corrections that the MAD group have brought to the OR (by sport). I have not included the myriads of spelling corrections and completion of given names (the OR usually gives only the initial). The OR quite often does not give the places in the lower heats, MAD have usually found these.

Athletics (with event number from OR)

100m (1): Ferdinand Kaindl (AUT) and Bohuslav Fleischer (TCH) did compete in the third heat. Henri Cockuyt (BEL), Wilfred Hildreth (IND) and Lawrence Betts (RSA) did compete in the fifth heat. That makes 87 competitors in stead of the 82 in the OR.

200m (2): Diego Ordoñez (ESP) did compete in the tenth heat. Mohamed Burhan (TUR) did start in the seventeenth heat. There are 64 competitors in stead of 62.

400m (3): no changes

800m (4): Eduard Riedl (CZE) did run in the second heat. Jack Newman (AUS) did run in the sixth heat. There are 43 competitors in stead of 41.

1500m (5): no changes

5000m (6): E. Kulcsar (HUN) did not run in the second heat. There are 38 competitors in stead of 39.

10000m (7): Marcel Alavoine (BEL), John Cuthbert (CAN), Jesus Dieguez (ESP), Félix Mendizábal (ESP), Miguel Peña (ESP), Eino Rastas (FIN), Carlo Martinenghi (ITA) did not actually compete. There are only 36 competitors, not 43.

Marathon (8): no changes

3000m Steeple (9): J.T. Cushing (GBR) did not actually run in the second heat. The OR lists 20 competitors but says there are 21, counting Alexander Antson (EST). In fact there are only 19 competitors.

110m Hurdles (10): Alberto Byington (BRA) did run in the first heat. There are 28 competitors in stead of 27. The recap table in the OR show only 26 competitors, forgetting to count one Indian (C. K. Lakshmanan) and one Hungarian (Muskát László)

400m Hurdles (11): no changes

10000m Walk (12) : no changes

High Jump (13) : Mikulás Kucsera (SVK), Arthur Willis (GBR) (first heat), Gilbert Kerr (GBR), Robert Juday (USA) (third heat) are listed in the OR as not competing. They did however, but failed to clear any height. There are 26 competitors, not 21 (miscounted in OR)

Long Jump (14) : no changes

Triple Jump (15) : no changes

Pole Vault (16) : no changes

Javelin Throw (17) : no changes

Discus Throw (18) : no changes

Shot Put (19) : no changes

Hammer Throw (20) : no changes

Pentathlon (21) : no changes

Decathlon (22) : no changes

Cross-Country (23) : no changes

Cross-Country, team (24) : no changes

4x100m (25) : no changes

4x400m (26) : no changes

3000m Team (27) : Stig Reuterswärd (SWE) did in fact start. The OR correctly counts 44 competitors though.

complete table of differences between OR and MAD:
country missing from OR extra in OR Counting mistakes in OR
Australia Jack Newman (800m)(*)
Austria Ferdinand Kaindl (100m)
Belgium Henri Cockuyt (100m) Marcel Alavoine (10000m)(*) 16 Athletics iso 17
Canada John Cuthbert (10000m)(*)
Czechoslovakia Bohuslav Fleischer (100m)
Mikulás Kucsera (HJ)
16 Athletics iso 18
Denmark 10 Athletics iso 9 (?)
Estonia Alexander Antson (3000m S)(*)
Finland Eino Rastas (10000m)(*) 51 Athletics iso 52
Great Britain Arthur Willis (HJ)
Gilbert Kerr (HJ)
63 Athletics iso 65
Hungary E. Gross (1500m)
E. Kulcsar (5000m)
Muskát László (110m H)(*)
India Wilfred Hildreth (100m) C. K. Lakshmanan (110m H) 5 Athletics iso 8 (?)
Italy M. Mangasia (10000m)
Carlo Martinenghi (10000m)(*)
T. Redda (10000m)
Norway 11 Athletics iso 10 (?)
South Africa Lawrence Betts (100m)(*)
Spain Diego Ordoñez (200m)(*) Jesus Dieguez (10000m)(*)
Félix Mendizábal (10000m)(*)
Miguel Peña (10000m)(*)
15 Athletics iso 13 (?)
Sweden 32 Athletics iso 33 (?)
Turkey Mohamed Burhan (200m) 3 Atletics iso 4
United States Robert Juday (HJ) 95 Athletics iso 96
total Athletics: 8 too few - OR adds to 662 (°), but
that should be 652. +8 = 660

(*) Did compete in some other event, so competitor is correctly included in OR and MAD count for his nation.


Skiff (28) : no changes

Coxless Pairs (29) : no changes

Double Sculls (30) : no changes

Coxed Pairs (31) : no changes

Coxless Fours (32) : no changes

Coxed Fours (33) : no changes

Eights (34) : no changes

The OR counts 23 Frenchmen in stead of 22. They probably counted M. Detton twice.

The OR arrives at 182 rowers. There should be only 181.


Flyweight (35) : no changes

Welterweight (36) : no changes

Featherweight (37) : no changes

Lightweight (38) : no changes

Light Middleweight (39) : no changes

Middleweight (40) : no changes

Light Heavyweight (41) : the OR counts V. Heince (LAT) who did not actually fight. There are only 20 competitors, not 21

Heavyweight (42) : no changes

Total Boxers : the OR counts V. Heince and arrives at 182 boxers, there are only 181


1000 m Sprint (43) : no changes

50 km (44) : no changes

2000m Tandem (45) : no changes

4000 m Team Pursuit (46) : no changes

188 km Road Race (47) : no changes

Team Race (48) : no changes

The OR correctly counts 140 cyclists.


Three-day event (49) : no changes

Three-day event, team (50) : no changes

Dressage (51) : no changes

Jumping (52) : no changes

Jumping, team (53) : no changes

The OR correctly lists 97 riders, but has only one Bulgarian (should be 2) and 7 Britons (should be 6).


The OR counts only 4 Austrians, there are five of them;

They count 20 Italians, should be 19;

and 7 Uruguayans, should be 6; for a total of 241 fencers when I count only 240.

Foil, individual (54) : no changes

Foil, women (55) : no changes

Épée, individual (56) : no changes

Sabre, individual (57) : no changes

Foil, team (58) : I count 67 participants, the OR only 66 - Domingo García is not listed among the Spanish competitors, althoug he is mentioned in the resumé for the match against France.

Épée, team (59) : no changes

Sabre, team (60) : no changes


Team (61) : no changes


72 competitors from 9 countries, correctly counted

Horizontal Bar (62)

Parallel Bars (63)

Rings (64)

Rope Climbing (65)

Vault (66)

Sidehorse Vault (67)

Pommeled Horse (68)

Individual combined (69)

Team combined (70)


Italy is listed as having 8 competitors, that should be only 5. The total of 127 (should be 124) is similarly 3 too many)

Men's Singles (71)

Women's Singles (72)

Men's Doubles (73) Italy's C. Colombo is listed among the competitors, but the detailed list has correctly listed Serventi

Women's Doubles (74) Bologna and Perlandini are listed as competitors, but the detailed list has the correct Gagliardi-Perelli

Mixed Doubles (75)

Greco-Roman Wrestling

no changes

Freestyle Wrestling

Finland and France are listed with 13 competitors in stead of 12 - for a total of 100 in stead of 98

Light Heavyweight (87) 2 Fins are counted, but Wecksten did not compete

Heavyweight (88) 2 Frenchmen are counted, but Deglane did not compete


100 m Free-style (M) (89) : no changes

100 m Backstroke (M) (90) : no changes

200 m Breaststroke (M) (91) : no changes

400 m Free-style (M) (92) : no changes

1500 m Free-style (M) (93) : no changes

Plain Highboard  (94) : no changes

Fancy Highboard (95) : no changes

Springboard (M) (96) : no changes

100 m Free-style (W) (97) : no changes

100 m Backstroke (W) (98) : no changes

200 m Breaststroke (W) (99) : no changes

400 m Free-style (W) (100) : no changes

Springboard (W) (101) : no changes

Platform (W) (102) : no changes

4 x 200 m Free-style Relay (M) (103) : MAD find 5 swimmers who have competed in the heats, not in the final, which brings the total participation ot 57 individuals (13 teams). OR counts only 56 individuals. OR count John Thompson (GBR) as N.Part, while he did swim in the final (as is noted in OR).

4 x 100 m Free-style Relay (W) (104) : no changes

Waterpolo (105) : no changes

The OR counts the number of participants per country (men and women together), but does not add them (the total is 325). Norway and Portugal are left blank (°), but if we add 1 competitor for each (the correct number), we can assume that the OR counts 327 participants. This includes 1 too few Czechoslovaks (19 iso 20), 1 too few French (37 iso 38), 3 too many Swedes (34 iso 31), but strangely correctly 42 Britons.

Total Number of Competitors

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