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Jean-Elie Vézien

B. 1890-07-18, Marseiles, France; D. 1982-09-07
Art Competitions
1932 HP
Sculpture 4 entries 21.36

Valentina Vezzali

B. 1974-02-14, Jesi, Italy
Fencing (6 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)
1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 HP
Foil, Individual silver gold gold gold bronze 67600
Foil, team gold gold bronze gold 10880

There was no team competition in Athina, but Vezzali won the individual title for a second and then a third time. Italy had the top two fencers in 2004, but nothing is certain, because in 2008, despite having three of the individual semi-finalists on the team, they drew the semi final and then Vezzali lost the sudden death. She won a sudden death in London, to win another individual medal, and then did in fact grab a second triple title by winning the team title.
The team foil is again off the Olympic program in Rio, but she won the 2016 world team championship to prove that she still ranks among the world best

Roberto Vezzani

B. 1942-03-09, Pescla, Italy
1972 HP
Men's Heavyweight (-110 kg) fifth 1500

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