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Mona Coco Sulaiman

B. 1942-06-09, Cotabato, the Philippines; D. 2017-12-21
Athletics - Track & Field
1960 1964 HP
Women's 100 metres QF:6th R1:7th 0.36417
Women's 200 metres R1:28th R1:28th 0.0512
Women's 4x100 metres Relay R1:7th 5.2

Josef Šulc

B. 1907-09-12, Staré Čivice, Czechia, represented Czechoslovakia
Athletics - Track and Field
1936 HP
Men's Marathon 38th 0.000384

Gustav Sule

B. 1910-09-10, Tartu, Estonia, then part of Russia; D. 1942-04-03
Athletics - Track and Field
1936 HP
Men's Javelin Throw 11th 96

Naim Süleymanoğlu

B. 1967-01-23, as Naim Suleimanov, Ptichar, Bulgaria, went to Turkey in 1986; D. 2017-11-18
Weightlifting (3 gold)
1988 1992 1996 2000 HP
Men's Featherweight (-60 kg) gold gold 57601.92
Men's Featherweight (-64 kg) gold
Men's Featherweight (-62 kg) dnf

He was born Naim Suleimanov in Bulgaria, one of the two-million strong Turkish minority within Bulgarian borders. A Bulgarian policy of the 1980's tried to assimilate these Turks, even changing their names. Thus Naim became Naum Shalamanov. This was the last straw, he said. 'To take away your name is to take away your character'. As Shalamanov, he became world record holder, and at the 1986 World Championships in Melbourne, during the closing dinner, he left the table and never came back. He flew to Ankara in the prime minister's private jet and was given Turkish citizenship immediately, and another new name, Suleymanoglu. Turkey paid Bulgaria more than $1 million in order for them to waive the Olympic rule barring competitors for three years after changing nationality.
He would have been a favourite at Los Angeles, but for the Bulgarian boycott of the Los Angeles Games.
As Suleimanov, he won the "World Cup" three times (1984,'85,'86).
Also known as the 'Pocket Hercules', he is barely 1.52 m high.
His second and third gold medal can no more enhance his standing in Turkey than his first gold already did.
He failed in his attempt to win a fourth gold in Sydney.

Renart Vafich Suleymanov

B. 1937-07-27, Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, represented the Soviet Union
Shooting (1 bronze)
1968 HP
Rapid−Fire Pistol bronze 3840

Alexandru Șuli

B. 1928-08-10, Lugos, Romania; D. 2000
Greco-Roman Wrestling
1952 HP
GR Men's Heavyweight (+87 kg) fifth 1500

Dumitru Sulică

B. 1921-04-16, Brașov, Romania; D. 1987
Alpine Skiing
1948 1952 HP
Men's Downhill 58th 51st 0.0000006592
Men's Combined 42nd 0.00003
Men's Giant Slalom 59th 0.000000016
Men's Slalom 38th 0.000256

Arthur Sulley

B. 1906-11-08, Guisborough, England, Great Britain; D. 1994-11-07
Rowing (1 silver)
1928 HP
Men's Coxed Fours Rep1 81
Men's Eights silver 2000

Betsy Sullivan

B. 1956-01-05, represented Jamaica
1972 HP
Women's Springboard QU:29th 0.016

Daniel Sullivan

Olympic Competitor nr 2978

Francis Cornelius "Frank" Sullivan

B. 1917-06-07, Regina, Sask., Canada; D. 2007-01-05
Ice Hockey (1 gold)
1952 HP
Men's Team gold 3200

Francis Gerald "Frank" Sullivan

B. 1898-07-26, Toronto, Ont., Canada; D. 1989-01-08
Ice Hockey (1 gold)
1928 HP
Men's Team gold 3200

Jack Sullivan

Olympic Competitor nr 1820

James Sullivan

Olympic Competitor nr 2913

Joe Sullivan

B. 1901-01-08, Scarborough, Ont., Canada; D. 1988-09-30
Ice Hockey (1 gold)
1928 HP
Men's Team gold 3200

John "Johnny" Sullivan

represented Great Britain
Freestyle Wrestling
1948 HP
Men's Light−Heavyweight (-87 kg) 7th 600

Pat Sullivan

B. 1909-08-30, Lonavla, Mah., (British) India; D. 1981
Hockey (1 gold)
1932 HP
Men's Team gold 3200

(John) Robert Sullivan

B. 1949-06-28, represented Great Britain
1972 HP
Men's Half-Middleweight (-70 kg) R1 0.933

Terence Allman "Terry" Sullivan

B. 1935-09-07, Johannesburg, South Africa, represented Rhodesia
Athletics - Track & Field
1960 HP
Men's 800 metres QF:5th 2.29
Men's 1500 metres R1:4th 68

The 1960 team "Rhodesia" represented the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (current-day Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi). In the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games Sullivan represented South Rhodesia, so we must award Zimbabwean nationality to him.

John Allen Sully

B. 1920-04-09, from Durban, represented South Africa
1956 HP
Two Person Heavyweight Dinghy (Sharpie) fifth 1250

Kenneth Sully

B. 1950-11-28, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Aquatics - Diving
1968 1972 HP
Men's Springboard QU:25th QU:16th 6.5
Men's Platform QU:33rd QU:29th 0.01856

Siergot Sully

B. 1951-02-27, represented Haiti
1976 HP
Men's Light-Welterweight (-63.5 kg) Prel 0.056

Mihai Șulț

B. 1933-03-07, Timișoara, Romania
Wrestling - Greco-Roman
1960 HP
Men's Featherweight (-62 kg) fifth 1500

Mohammad Sultan

B. 1918-12-23, represented Afganistan; D. 1971
1936 HP
Men's Team QU:2nd 410

Reinhold Sulzbacher

B. 1944-07-29, Liezen, Austria
1976 1980 HP
Men's Singles 7th 600
Doubles fifth 9th 1450

Willy Sulzbacher

Olympic Competitor nr 566

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