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Viktor Sidiak

from Minsk, Belarus
Fencing (4 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1968 1972 1976 1980 HP
Sabre, individual - gold bronze - 11200
Sabre, team gold silver gold gold 11600

Member of the Soviet Sabre Team that won gold at Mexico City, Montreal and Moskva.


Olympic Competitor nr 1149

Erwin Sietas

Swimming (1 silver)
1928 1932 1936 HP
200 m Breaststroke fourth fourth silver 11880

Anton Sikharulidze

Figure Skating (1 gold, 1 silver)
1998 2002 HP
Pairs silver gold 13000

Twice together with Yelena Berezhnaya.

Daniela Silivas

B. 1970, Romania
Gymnastics (3 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)

After finishing second behind Elena Shushunova in the individual title, Daniela Silivas retorted with three Golds on the aparatus, amassing seven perfect ten scores in the process, as many as Nadia Comaneci at Montreal. She achieved a perfect twenty on the Bars.
(104 HP)

Henrik Sillem

Olympic Competitor nr 1189

Silver Piece

a horse
Equestrianism (3 gold)
1924 1928 HP
Three-day Event, Individual gold fourth 10000
Three-day Event, Team gold gold 3200

twice ridden by Adolf van der Voort van Zijp

Sim Kwon-Ho

B. 1972-10-12, Korea
Wrestling - Greco-Roman (2 gold)
1996 2000 HP
-48 kg gold 19200
-54 kg gold

Sara Simeoni

B. 1953-04-19, Italy
Track and Field (1 gold, 2 silver)
1972 1976 1980 1984 HP
High Jump sixth silver gold silver 28200


Olympic Competitor nr 1107

Balbir Singh

His name is also spelled Balbir Dosanjh; in India he is also known as Balbir Senior (*)
B. 1924-10-10, Moga, Punjab, India
Hockey (3 gold)
1948 1952 1956 HP
Hockey gold gold gold 19200

Center forward of the Indian hockey team that won gold at London, Melbourne and Helsinki.
At London, he played only two matches but scored 8 of the 13 goals, including a hat trick and the first 2 of 4 in the final against Great Britain.
At Helsinki he scored 9 of the 13 goals, including all 3 in the semifinal against Great Britain (a hat trick) and 5 of the 6 in the final against Holland (and his third Olympic hat trick). Eight of the nine goals, that is 88.88 percent of the total score of a team, in the semifinal and final, by a particular player is probably a World Record.
At Melbourne, he was captain of the team. He had scored 5 goals in the first half of the opening match against Afghanistan, when in the beginning of the second half he got his right hand ring finger badly fractured. Substitution was not allowed in those days. His injury was kept a well guarded secret. He did not play the remaining pool matches (Randhir Singh Gentle deputising as captain) and was brought in for the semifinal and final simply to sell dummy to the opponents, as he was considered to be the most dangerous centre forward of the post war era. The team authorities thought that opposing defenders would concentrate on him, and it would make things easier for the other attackers. The ruse worked. Independent India won the third consecutive gold under his captaincy. Consequently he captioned his autobiography, "The Golden Hat Trick".
He later became chief coach and manager for the Indian hockey team, and won another gold at the World Cup in Kuala Lumpur in 1975.
As a Sikh, he suffered from the partition of India in 1948. He was twice Indian champion with a then still unified Punjabi team in 1946 and '47, but after independance, Punjab and its hockey team were split between Pakistan and India. He helped a (half) Punjabi team again to Indian championships in 1949, '50 and '51, and again in 1954.
(*) There have been a number of "Balbirs" in Indian hockey. Four participated in the Olympic Games, three of them together in the Mexico Olympics in 1968. In India they have been distinguished by the departments they served, like "Balbir Police", "Balbir Railways" and "Balbir Services". Since then, the elder Balbir is known as Balbir Senior.
He is on the internet ( and was the first sportsman to contact me at this site. He is very honoured at being remembered.

Udham Singh

From Sansarpur, Punjab, India
Hockey (3 gold, 1 silver)
1948 1952 1956 1960 HP
Hockey gold gold gold silver 23200

Inside-Left of the Indian Hockey team that won gold at Helsinki, Melbourne and Tokyo, and silver at Rome. He did not play in the final in '64. He scored 15 goals at Melbourne.
He and Balbir Singh were teammates for Punjab Police, Punjab and India throughout their careers.


Olympic Competitor nr 855

Yury Sisikin

Soviet Union (2 gold, 2 silver)
1960 1964 1968 HP
Foil, Individual silver - - 5000
Foil, Team gold gold silver 6300

André Six

Olympic Competitor nr 1332

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