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Russell George Phegan

B. 1947-02-15, from Queensland, represented Australia
Aquatics - Swimming
1964 HP
Men's 400 metres Freestyle 7th 400
Men's 1500 metres Freestyle fifth 1000

Theo Phelan

B. 1908-09-12, Clonmel, Ireland, then part of Great Britain; D. 1970-04-07
Athletics - Track & Field
1928 HP
Men's Triple Jump 19th 2.4

Brian Eric Phelps

B. 1944-04-21, Chelmsford, England, Great Britain
Aquatics - Diving (1 bronze)
1960 1964 HP
Men's Platform bronze sixth 3200

Mason Phelps

Olympic Competitor nr 2191

Michael Phelps

B. 1985-06-30, Baltimore, MD, USA
Swimming (23 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze)
2000 2004 2008 2012 2016 HP
200 m Free-style bronze gold 8960
100 m Butterfly gold gold gold silver 46400
200 m Butterfly fifth gold gold silver gold 48400
200 m Individual Medley gold gold gold gold 51200
400 m Individual Medley gold gold fourth 21600
4x100 m Free-style Relay bronze gold silver gold 7260
4x200 m Free-style Relay gold gold gold gold 12800
4x100 m Medley Relay (gold) gold gold gold 9728

After six golds in Athina, Phelps tried to break all records by going for 8 golds in Beijing.
In the second of those eight races, the 4x100 freestyle, he tried to break the world record at the 100 freestyle (which he would not swim individually) by swimming first. He missed the world record by one hundredth, but was preceded by Eamon Sullivan of Australia, who did break the world record. Later in the race, the Americans started the last leg a meter behind (now previous) world-record holder Alain Bernard of France, but Jason Lezak swam the fastest 100m ever to help Phelps to his second gold and second world record.
On wednesday, he celebrated his "tenth" and "eleventh" gold medals, and the whole world celebrated the new record holder, but I prefer not to count his gold in the Athens medley relay (he only swam in the qualifications), so in my opinion he merely equalled Ray Ewry's ten golds (his 1906 medals are not usually counted). He did break the record on thursday.
On saturday, his seventh gold came without a world record, and he had less than a hundredth of a second of a lead over silver.
He could be credited with an extra world record, in the first leg of the 4 x 200 m free-style relay. His time of 1:43.31 was faster than his pre-Beijing world record, but he had meanwhile bettered that record in the individual 200m.
He then shattered all records with four more gold medals in London.
Medals number 23 to 28 came in Rio de Janeiro. He completed the three golds at the 200 m Butterfly, an event he had missed out on in 2012. The same evening, he won his fourth gold at the 4 x 200 m, the first event in which he achieved that particular milestone. One day later he achieved the quadruple in an individual event (the 200 m Individual Medley) as well, and he topped it of by a fourth gold (one of them obtained by only swimming the heats) in the 4x100 m medley.

Pete Phelps

B. 1903-05-02, Carbon Cliff, Ill., USA; D. 1991-09-23
1924 HP
Men's 5000 m R1:6th 4.32

Peter Phelps

B. 1945-03-28, from NSW, represented Australia
Aquatics - Swimming
1964 HP
Men's 100 metres Freestyle R1:26th 0.064

Robert Edward Phelps

B. 1890-07-21, London, England, Great Britain

Olympic Competitor nr 6036

Robert Lawson Phelps, Sr.

B. 1939-07-22, Gloucester, England, Great Britain
Modern Pentathlon
1964 1968 1972 HP
Men's Individual 25th 38th 47th 0.125325
Men's Team 9th 8th 9th 144

Preeda Phengdisth

B. 1931-04-02, represented Thailand
1972 HP
Small-Bore Rifle, Three Positions 57th -7.40

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