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Hans Ott

B. 1930-02-28, represented Switzerland
Ice Hockey
1956 HP
Men's Team 9th 80

Kurt Ott

B. 1912-12-09, Zürich, Switzerland; D. 2001-04-19
Road Cycling (1 silver)
1936 HP
Men's Road Race, Individual 14th 20
Men's Road Race, Team silver 1000

Ludwig Ott

B. 1937-03-08, Stuttgart, B-W, Germany, represented West Germany; D. 2015-08-07
Aquatics - Water Polo
1968 HP
Men's Team 10th 50

Nikolaus "Niko" Ott

B. 1945-07-09, Konstanz, B-W, Germany, represented West Germany
Rowing (1 gold)
1968 HP
Men's Coxed Fours 12th 30
Men's Eights gold 3200

Ilness of two team-mates prevented him from rowing in the B-final of the coxed fours, but then was called up to the final of the eights because of the illness of Roland Böse (frg-GER/1968). He won the gold there. He donated his medal to Böse, and was presented with a copy by the IOC.

Alfonso Ottaviani

B. 1937-10-05, Terni, Italy
Modern Pentathlon
1964 HP
Men's Individual 14th 20

Lou Otten

Olympic Competitor nr 4751

Anne Ottenbrite

Swimming (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1984 HP
200 m Breaststroke gold 6400
100 m Breaststroke silver 4000
4 x 100 m Medley Relay bronze 640

Claude Otterbeen

represented Belgium
1920 HP
Men's 3000 m Team SF:4th 160

Henrik Iversen Ottesen

B. 1934-01-29, Nautrup, Denmark
1956 HP
Men's Bantamweight (-54 kg) R2 79.13

Merlene Ottey

competed in 1984 as

Merlene Ottey-Page

B. 1966-05-10, Hanover, Jamaica, represented Slovenia in 2004
Track & Field (3 silver, 6 bronze)
1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 HP
Women's 100 m - bronze SFdns fifth silver bronze SF:5th 11284.02
Women's 200 m bronze bronze fourth bronze silver - 16th 14678.4
Women's 4 x 100 m sixth 8th fin.dq fin.dnf bronze silver - 2191.2
Women's 4 x 400 m 9th 40

With 7 individual (and 2 relay) medals, she was the most medalled sportsperson, never to have won gold, until Franziska van Almsick took that record away from her. She lost the 100 metres gold at Atlanta by .005 seconds. She had previously lost the 1993 World Championship by a similarly undetectable margin.
She received a two-year drugs ban in 1999, but she got a reprieve and made it to Sydney, to become one of a very few athletics stars to compete in six Olympics. Having finished only fourth in the national trials, she had to blackmail the Jamaican authorities into letting her start in the 100 meters. Yet again, she needed less than one hundredth of a second, for another medal. She then led Jamaica, and herself to yet another relay silver.
Jamaica with Merlene Ottey qualified for six consecutive finals of the 4x100.
Aged 38, she competed in her seventh olympiad representing Slovenia.
She won a sixth bronze medal, a ninth in total, when Marion Jones got disqualified over six years after her triumph in Sydney.
That made her a joint record holder, with Harri Kirvesniemi, Alexei NemovHeikki Ilmari Savolainen, and Franziska van Almsick, of the number of bronze medals (SIX)

Tom Ottey

B. 1910-06-08, represented the USA; D. 1984-04-10
1932 HP
Men's 10000 metres dnf 6.4

Anita Otto

B. 1942-12-12, Löbnitz, S-A, Germany, represented East Germany
1968 HP
Women's Discus Throw fourth 2400

In 2003, she founded a Boot Throwing club in Berlin and she later became vice-president of the International Boot Throwing Association.

Martin Alfred "Fred" Otto

B. 1883-12-04, Rabenau, Sachsen, Germany; D. 1944-09-22
Art Competitions
1936 HP
Architecture - unknown event AC 9.437

Gisela Otto

B. 1951-02-23, Bayreuth, Bay., Germany, represented West Germany
1972 HP
Women's Singles 18th 3.84

John Otto

B. 1900-11-04, Newark, NJ, USA; D. 1966-04
Cycling - Road
1920 HP
Men's Road Race 42nd 0.00005
Men's Road Race, Team 7th 100

Kristin Otto

B. 1965-02-07, Leipzig, Germany
Swimming (6 gold)
1988 HP
50 m Free-style gold 6400
100 m Free-style gold 6400
100 m Backstroke gold 6400
100 m Butterfly gold 6400
4 x 100 m Free-style Relay gold 1600
4 x 100 m Medley Relay gold 1600

For winning six gold medals at Seoul, Kristin Otto received also the Paek Sang crown for the most valuable athlete.
One of the most all-round swimmers ever, she won her first World Championship at 100 m backstroke in 1982. She had her best chance of medals in 1984, but the boycott prevented her (as an East German) from going to the Olympics. When she cracked a vertebra later that year, it looked as though her career was over. She spent nine months in a neck brace and returned to compete in the 1986 World Championships, where she won 4 gold medals (100 m free-style, 200 m medley and two relays) and 2 silvers. She proved even better two years later at Seoul.
She is now a TV commentator.
She is the highest placed Olympian on my list to have competed in just one Olympiad.

Louise Otto

Olympic Competitor nr 6143

Poul Emil Otto

B. 1913-12-19, København, Denmark; D. 2003
Athletics - Track and Field
1936 HP
Men's High Jump 12th 60

Rudolf Otto

B. 1887-08-31, Czechia, then part of Austria, represented Germany; D. 1962-09-09
Art Competitions
1936 HP
Painting - unknown event 2 entries 7.448

Sylke Otto

B. 1969-07-07, Chemnitz (then Karl-Marx-Stadt), (then East-)Germany
Luge (2 gold)
1992 1994 1998 2002 2006 HP
Women's Singles 13th gold gold 19228.8

Werner Otto

B. 1948-04-15, Dresden, Sachsen, Germany, represented East Germany
Cycling - Track (1 silver)
1968 1972 HP
Men's Sprint Rep1:2nd -2.34
Men's Tandem QF silver 5717.5

Marcel Otto-Bruc

B. 1922-12-23, Monaco, represented France
1960 HP
Men's Trap dnq -4.54

Sergio Eliseo Ottolina

B. 1942-11-23, Lentate dul Seveso, Italy
Athletics - Track & Field
1964 1968 HP
Men's 200 metres 8th 256
Men's 400 metres QF:dns -2.91
Men's 4x100 metres Relay 7th 7th 200
Men's 4x400 metres Relay 7th 100

Emanuele Ottonello

B. 1944-11-16, Pegli, Italy
1968 HP
Two−Person Heavyweight Dinghy (Flying Dutchman) 19th 2

Eddy Jean Paul Ottoz

B. 1944-06-03, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France, represented Italy
Athletics - Track & Field (1 bronze)
1964 1968 HP
Men's 110 metres Hurdles fourth bronze 6240

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