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Harold M. Osborn

B. 1899-04-13, Butler, Ill, USA; D. 1975-04-05, Los Angeles
Track and Field (2 gold)
1924 1928 HP
High Jump gold fifth 11100
Decathlon gold 6400

He used the Western Roll technique of high jumping, but tried to push the bar in the holders while crossing it. As a consequence, the IAAF changed the rules and the bar is now placed between, rather than in front of the posts.
Osborn would later become a famous doctor, specializing in bone diseases.
A persistent rumour has it he was involved in one of the first Olympic romances, with high jump gold medallist, Ethel Catherwood of Canada, but it is not true they married. Harold married Margaret Bordner in September of 1928 and remained with her till his death in 1975. The story about Ethel Catherwood was a painful one for Margaret throughout her life (she passed away at the age of 97 on 7 July 2003), and we ought to put the record straight.

Carl Townsend Osburn

B. 1884-05-05, USA; D. 1966-12-28
Shooting (5 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze)
1912 1920 1924 HP
Free Rifle, 3 positions 17th fourth 6604
Free Rifle, prone silver
Free Rifle, team gold 1600
Military Rifle, 3 positions silver 7000
Military Rifle, 300m, standing gold
Military Rifle, Free position silver 4000
Military Rifle, team gold 3975
Military Rifle, 300m, standing, team silver
Military Rifle, 300m, prone, team gold
Military Rifle, 300m & 600m, prone, team gold
Small-Bore Rifle 13th 25.6
Small-Bore Rifle, team bronze 640
Small-Bore Rifle, Disappearing Target 34th 0.0016
Running Deer, single shot comp. 0.4
Running Deer, single shot, team bronze 640
Running Deer, double shot comp. 0.256
Running Deer, double shot, team fourth 400

Ivan Joseph Martin Osiier

B. 1888-12-16, Denmark; D. 1965-12-23
Fencing (1 silver)
1908 1912 1920 1924 1928 1932 1948 HP
Foil, individual SF:5th 8th sixth SF:5th SF:7th 1170.935
Foil, team fourth SF:3rd QF:3rd fourth 9-12 1205.325
Épée, individual QF:8th silver R1:7th SF:10th SF:7th 5028.869
Épée, team SF:3rd SF:3rd R1:5th R1 R1:3rd R2:elim 764.498
Sabre, individual sixth SF:5th 7th 1321.5
Sabre, team R1:3rd sixth QF:3rd SF 494.175

After competing for 24 years, even winning just a single medal, I feel this man earnt his place among the elite Olympians.
He competed for 40 years, from 1908 to 1948, a record he shares with Magnus KonowDurward Knowles and Paul Elvstrøm.
His wife Ellen was the first female fencing champion, in 1924.

(83 HP)

Östen Östensen

Shooting (3 silver, 2 bronze)

(56.5 HP)

Micheline Ostermeyer

B. 1922-12-23, Rang de Fliers, France
Track and Field (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1948 HP
Shot Put gold 9600
Discus Throw gold 9600
High Jump bronze 3840

She was a niece to composer Lucien Paroche and she won acclaim at the piano. In her Olympic triumph, she was helped by the absence of Russian Athletes, who held the world records at Shot and Discus. She had entered the discus only as an afterthought, being in London anyway. She celebrated her victories with an impromptu recital of Beethoven at France's team headquarters.

Andreas Ostler

Bobsledding (2 gold)
1952 1956 HP
Two-man gold 8th 8320
Four-man gold 4800

Ole Østmo

Olympic Competitor nr 1242

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