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Olympic Competitor nr 1066

Leah O'Brien

competed in 2000 as

Leah O'Brien-Amico

and in 2004 as

Leah Amico

Softball (3 gold)
1996 2000 2004 HP
Softball gold gold gold 19200

Member of the gold-winning USA Softball teams at Atlanta, Sydney and Athina

William Parry O’Brien

B. 1932-01-28, Santa Monica, Cal, USA
Track and Field (2 gold, 1 silver)
1952 1956 1960 1964 HP
Shot Put gold gold silver fourth 41400

The man who pioneered the step-back style of shot put, where one starts with his back towards the direction of the throw and thus gains more time to apply force. Between 1953 and 1955 he beat the world record sixteen times, becoming the first man over 60 feet, 18 meters and 19 meters. In 1966 he achieved his greatest put with 19.70 m. Between 1952 and 1956 he had 116 consecutive victories.

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