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M. Nomikos

Olympic Competitor nr 2966

Parmenios Nomikos

Olympic Competitor nr 2631

Nomura Tadahiro

B. 1974-12-10, Nara, Japan
Judo (3 gold)
1996 2000 2004 HP
Extra Lightweight (-60 kg) gold gold gold 57600

In 1996 he was considered the least likely of the Japanese Judokas to win the title, but he did.
In 2000, the audience ws packed with Japanese fans of Ryoko Tamura. They had just finished cheering her 30 second final win, when Nomura went one better by winning his final in just 12 seconds.
In 2004, he won again, to become the first Judo Triple Olympian

Nomura Toyokazu

B. 1949-07-14, Kuryu, Japan
Judo (1 gold)
1972 HP
Men's Half-Middleweight (-70 kg) gold 9600

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