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Bernard Joy

B. 1911-10-29, London, England, Great Britain; D. 1984-07-18
1936 HP
Men's Team QF 287

Gregory Andrew "Greg" Joy

B. 1956-04-23, Portland, Oreg., represented Canada
Athletics - Track and Field (1 silver)
1976 HP
Men's High Jump silver 6000

James Robert "Bob" Joyce

B. 1936-11-03, represented Australia
Athletics - Track & Field
1956 HP
Men's 110 metres Hurdles R1:6th 0.546

Richard John "Dick" Joyce

B. 1946-05-01, Wellington, New Zealand
Rowing (2 gold)
1968 1972 HP
Men's Coxed Fours gold 7200
Men's Eights gold

John Joyce

Olympic Competitor nr 2110

Kevin Francis Joyce

B. 1951-06-27, New York, NY, USA
Basketball (1 silver)
1972 HP
Men's Team silver 2000

Prudent Joye

B. 1913-12-15, Roubaix, France; D. 1980-11-01
Athletics - Track and Field
1936 HP
Men's 400 metres Hurdles R1:3rd 16.14
Men's 4x400 metres Relay R1:3rd 68

Jacqueline "Jackie" Joyner-Kersee

B. 1962-03-06, East St-Louis, Ill, USA
Athletics (3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)
1984 1988 1992 1996 HP
Long Jump fifth gold bronze bronze 23475
Heptathlon silver gold gold dnf 37800.036

Her mother had named her after the Mrs. Kennedy because she knew her daughter would later become 'first lady' at something. At college, after she had already set the Illinois long jump record, she concentrated on basketball, until she met Bob Kersee, who pushed her back to track and field and whom she married on 11/1/1986. In 1986, she set two world heptathlon records and in 1987 became world champion with a third and still only total over 7000 points. Also in 1988 she took a share of the world long jump record.
Injury prevented her from competing in the Atlanta heptathlon.
She had an unsuccessful stint in Professional Basketball after Atlanta but returned to the track early in 1997.
World Champion at Long Jump in 1987 and 1991, at heptathlon in 1987 and 1993.

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