Great Olympians

Biographies - IV

Vyacheslav Ivanov

B. 1938-07-30, Moskva, Russia
Rowing (3 gold)
1956 1960 1964 HP
Single Sculls gold gold gold 57600

After winning both the European Championship and Olympic single sculls in 1956, he had to be content with European bronze medals in the next two seasons. But in 1959 he took the European title, in 1960 a second Olympic gold medal, in 1961 the European, and in 1962 the first World Championship sculling title. In 1963 he dropped to fourth place in the European Championships, but he returned, in 1964 to regain his European title, and to win his third gold in Tokyo.
At Melbourne, he was so happy with his first win that he threw his gold medal in the air. It fell in the water and was never seen again. He got a replacement medal from the IOC.

Ivan Ivanovitch

Olympic Competitor nr 559

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