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Raymond Clarence Ewry

B. 1873-10-14 (or 1874), Lafayette, Ind., USA; D. 1937-09-29
Track and Field (10 gold)
1900 1904 1906 1908 bonus HP
Standing High Jump gold gold gold gold 31200 62400
Standing Long Jump gold gold gold gold 31200 62400
Standing Triple Jump gold gold 16800
28800 21600 14400 14400 32400 141600

Ewry won ten Olympic gold medals (including two in 1906) in the now-abandoned standing high, long and triple jump events. He was paralysed as a boy but dedicated excercising developed unusual strength in his legs. His standing long jump record of 3.47m remained on the official world record list until the event was discarded in 1938. He was fifteen times an American Athletics champion.

Olympic Competitor nr 1020

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