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Hamdan El-Tayeb

B. 1934-01-01, Singa, Sudan
Athletics - Track & Field
1960 HP
Men's 100 metres R1:6th 0.0000019

Robert Elter

B. 1899-04-20, Luxembourg, Luxembourg; D. 1991-05-02
1920 HP
Men's Team R1 33.8

Mokhtar El-Tetsh

B. 1905-09-29, Al-Qahira, Egypt; D. 1965-02-21
1928 1932 1936 HP
Men's Team (fourth) R2 826.38

Khadr El-Sayed El Touni

B. 1915-03-15, Cairo, Egypt; D. 1956-09-25
Weightlifting (1 gold)
1936 1948 HP
Middleweight (-75 kg) gold fourth 15000

Paul Bert Elvstrøm

B. 1928-02-25, Kobenhavn, Denmark
Yachting (4 gold)
1948 1952 1956 1960 1968 1972 1984 1988 HP
Firefly gold 76800
Finn gold gold gold
Star fourth 4000
Soling 13th 38.4
Tornado fourth 15th 4025

He competed for 40 years, from 1948 to 1988, a record he shares with Magnus KonowIvan Osiier and  Durward Knowles.
His approach to small-boat sailing, a belief that fitness from land training was a way to win, revolutionized competitive sailing. The first of his four gold medals was won at Torbay in 1948 and at Acapulco in 1968 he came fourth in the Star class.
He realized that hanging over the side of the boat for a longer period than his opponents gave him an advantage and the only way to achieve this was through physical fitness. He was also a student of weather lore and relished the idea of going out on stormy days to learn more about his craft and how to handle it. He won eleven World Championships in seven different classes between 1957 and 1974. He wrote several books and in 1954 started a company, Elvstrøm Sails, with branches throughout the world; he also built pleasure boats.
Paul Elvström was voted Denmark's Sportsman of the Century in 1996.
There has always been one solo event in sailing history. In '48, this was still the 'Fire-Fly', from '52 this became the 'Finn'. Elvstrøm must therefor be credited with four golds in the same event (the solo sailing). He was fourth in '68 and competed unsuccessfully in '72.
He teamed up with his daughter Inge Trine in the Tornado in 1984, and missed another medal by 0.70 points. They also competed in 1988.
The International Finn Organisation has a Web Page about the history of Finn, in which Paul Elvstrøm plays a big part.

Abdel Khadr El-Sayed El-Touni

B. 1924-05-24, Al-Qahira, Egypt, represented the U.A.R. in 1960
1952 1956 1960 HP
Lightweight (-67.5 kg) sixth 960.06
Middleweight (-75 kg) dnf

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