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Egerszegi Krisztina

B. 1974-08-16, Budapest, Hungary
Swimming (5 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1988 1992 1996 HP
100 m Backstroke silver gold 10400
200 m Backstroke gold gold gold 38400
400 m Individual Medley gold bronze 8960
4 x 100 m Medley Relay 11th 16

At the age of 21 she became the youngest triple champion of the lot. Many other athletes start their careers at that age !
At the 1987 European championships, aged 13, she had already finished fourth and fifth. The next year, she became the youngest swimming gold medallist ever. In 1991, she won two World Titles , breaking world records at 100 and 200 metres backstroke, bettering records seven and five years old. In 1992, she won three individual golds, and she tripled in the 200 m back at Atlanta.

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