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Georges Clappier

Olympic Competitor nr 686

Ellery Harding Clark

B.1874-03-13, West Roxbury, MA., USA; D.1949-02-17
Track and Field (2 gold)
1896 1904 HP
High Jump gold - 9600
Long Jump gold - 9600
Shot Put 5th/7th - 1020
All-Around Championship - fifth 1125
20220 1125 21345

The 1896 champion of the high jump and the long jump had come to Athina in a war ship. In the long jump, he had used his hat to mark his runway. Twice the judge (in fact King Constantine of Greece) had removed the hat, saying this was a practice of professionals. Only at the third attempt (and without the hat), did Clark achieve a valid jump, good enough for gold.
Clark also entered the St-Louis decathlon. Although he had to abandon the contest after five events due to a bronchitis, he was still classed sixth.
He later became an Alderman for the city of Boston, and he wrote 19 books including one which was made into a 1952 film, Caribbean.
Inducted in 1991 in the USATF Hall of Fame.
The Hellene Olympic Federation has an excellent site on the Athina Olympics, which includes a picture of Ellery Clark.

Olympic Competitor nr 49

Kelly Clark

Snowboarding - half-pipe (1 gold, 1 bronze)
2002 2006 2010 HP
Half-Pipe gold fourth bronze 19800

Comte Justinien Clary

Olympic Competitor nr 848

Leslie Walter Claudius

B. 1927-03-25, India
Hockey (3 gold, 1 silver)
1948 1952 1956 1960 HP
Hockey gold gold gold silver 23200

Member of the Indian hockey team that won gold at London, Melbourne and Helsinki, and silver at Rome. He did not play in the final in '48, and was the team's captain at Roma.

Bryan Clay

B. 1980-01-03, Austin, TX, USA
Athletics (1 gold, 1 silver)
2004 2008 HP
Decathlon silver gold 15600

Georges Clément

Olympic Competitor nr 832

Raoul Cléry

Olympic Competitor nr 675

Jules Clévenot

Olympic Competitor nr 1288

Marion Clignet

B. 1964-02-22 Hyde Park, IL, USA, represented France
Cycling (2 silver)
1992 1996 2000 HP
Road Race 33rd 38th 0.004224
Individual Pursuit silver silver 12000
Time Trial fifth 1500
Points Race sixth 960

She was born in the US, but with dual citizenship and chose to represent France

Hestrie Cloete

B. 1978-08-26, South Africa
Athletics (2 silver)
2000 2004 HP
High Jump silver silver 12000

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