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Michael Posner Baxte

B. 1890-01-27, Odessa, Ukraine, represented the USA; D. 1972
Art Competitions
1936 HP
Painting - unknown event AC 3.724

Alfred Baxter

B. 1898-06-05, Manchester, England, Great Britain; D. 1983
1924 1928 HP
Men's Featherweight (-60 kg) 7th 19th 602.4

Virginia Day "Ginny" Baxter

B. 1932-12-03, Detroit, Mich., USA
Figure Skating
1952 HP
Women's Singles fifth 1500

Irving Knott "Irv" Baxter

B. 1876-03-25, Utica, NY, USA; D. 1957-06-13
Track and Field (2 gold, 3 silver)
1900 HP
Men's High Jump gold 9600
Men's Pole Vault gold 9600
Men's Standing High Jump silver 6000
Men's Standing Long Jump silver 6000
Men's Standing Triple Jump silver 6000

The first 'native' American (a Sioux) to win Olympic medals. He had three silvers behind Ray Ewry, and won the Pole Vault only because three other Americans refused to jump in the final which was held on a sunday. In a second competition, on monday, Orton and Dvorak succeeded in higher jumps, but alas gained no medals.

Olympic Competitor nr 879

James Baxter

Olympic Competitor nr 4670

Kathleen "Katie" Baxter

B. 1930-11-28, Sydney, NSW, Australia; D. 2019-03-23
1960 HP
Women's Foil, Individual R1:6th -5.24

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